A commitment to our team

We are a Peruvian agribusiness corporation dedicated to planting and processing sugarcane, as well as, marketing sugar by-products such as sugar, alcohol, molasses and bagasse.

Coazucar is a holding company of Grupo Gloria which manages Casa Grande S.A.A., Cartavio S.A.A., Empresa Agrícola Sintuco S.A. y Empresa Agraria Chiquitoy S.A. They are all located in the river valley of Chicama, in La Libertad region.

Also in the Ancash region, Coazucar manages Agroindustrias San Jacinto S.A.A. The pecularity of this company is its location; it lies in the area of influence of the Chinecas irrigation project. As a result, its development potential is very high.

It is important to emphasize that to ensure the development of the sugarcane industry and its production chain, Coazucar carries out productive investments that induce other related investments. To date, it maintains direct manufacturing operations of alcohol in Cartavio S.A.A., Casa Grande S.A.A. and Agroindustrias San Jacinto S.A.A.; and as a result, the group´s global production is appealing to the world market.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to maintain leadership in each of the markets we participate in, through the production and marketing of goods and with brands that ensure added value to our customers and consumers. The processes and actions of all corporate businesses thrive in an environment that encourage its employees, suppoerts and sustains respect and harmony in the communities where it operates, and ensures the maximum return on investment for its shareholders.

Our vision is to be a corporation of Peruvian capital with a diversified portfolio of businesses and with international presence. We aim to meet the needs of our customers and consumers with services and products of the highest quality, being always their first choice.